My Top Tips for a Happy Chocolatey Easter

Easter is a happy occasion for everyone filled with cute fluffy bunnies, bouncing baby lambs, chocolate eggs and Easter hunts. But it can also prove a bit tricky if you, a member of your family, or friend has a dairy intolerance or allergy.

This is especially hard if you have little ones who can’t consume dairy as so much of the Easter paraphernalia you see in the shops and supermarkets are made from chocolate and are targeted at children. From brightly coloured Easter eggs, to bunny lollies and the mini chocolate eggs that are ideal for Easter hunts.

My two boys often feel left out and are unable to join in some of the local Easter activities because the end reward is most likely to be chocolate which they are unable to enjoy. This is especially tough if they see their friends eating their chocolate prizes and so tears from the boys are inevitable.

So, what is the best approach to managing this situation so our little ones can sail through Easter as happy little bunnies? Here are my four Top Easter Tips.

  • In my experience, it is best to be well prepared and host Easter activities yourself so you can control the treats and prizes and every child gets the same. For example, I am hosting the family Easter egg hunt this weekend and, instead of hiding mini chocolate eggs, I will be using wrapped sweeties, haribos and marshmallows. The kids will be buzzing off all the sugar but at least they will be happy and and nobody will feel left out.

  • With regards to Easter treats, there are some wonderful alternatives to the traditional dairy chocolate products but they are expensive and harder to get hold off. Because there are fewer of these products around, they tend to be snapped up very quickly. In our local Aldi this week, their dairy free Easter eggs disappeared off the shelves in less than two hours with no plan to re-stock either. So if you want your little ones to be happy little bunnies over Easter, just make sure you buy your dairy free chocolate treats early.

  • Introduce the ‘Dairy Fairy’ or the ‘Switch Witch’, a perfect solution for when your little one receives chocolatey treats they are unable to eat. Simply leave the items out over night and the ‘Dairy Fairy’ or ‘Switch Witch’ will come along and replace the treats with dairy free goodies they can enjoy. Brilliant at Easter, Christmas and for birthdays and will surely save a lot of heartache and tears.

  • Shop in Sainsbury’s and Waitress as I find they supply the best dairy free chocolatey products for both little ones and grown ups and they taste great too. I also like to support my local sweet shop so I popped in recently and bought two Moo ‘free from’ chocolate eggs for the boys and then went to Sainsbury’s to buy some chocolate buttons and two chocolate bunnies.

The true fact is that, even though my boys are unable to consume dairy, gluten or soya, they certainly won’t be missing out this Easter. They will be eating their way through a mountain of chocolate and sweets but then, I suppose, isn’t that what you remember Easter being all about?

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Georgina Hodge
Georgina Hodge
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My aim is to provide fun, easy and inspirational tips, ideas and recipes for a happy and healthy gluten, dairy and soya free way of life that everyone will love, especially our precious little ones X


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