Top Tips for March

Wow, what a month it has been for us. Both boys have really settled in to their gluten, dairy and soya free diet and we have experienced remarkable results. Since Christmas, the boys haven’t had a single day off school and there have been no complaints of tummy ache. They are full of life and energy and are typical 5 and 8 year old boys playing football and running around like they’ve just eaten ten bags of Haribos! It’s a joy to see.

On top of this, Little J and I appeared on the front cover of the March printed edition of the Mums and Dads magazine. Little J looks so happy and healthy and it will be a photo I will treasure for always. I have included a photo of the front cover of the magazine below.

So when thinking about the Top Tips for this month, my inspiration has come from what has happened recently and focuses on how to attain and then maintain a happy and healthy balance in life. The two tips are ‘Believe in yourself’ and ‘Perseverance’.

Believe in yourself

To overcome the issues I have encountered with the boys and their poorly tummies, I have changed the way I think about the situation and started seeing it more as a journey – a life time journey towards happy little tummies.

The boys have a ‘condition’ and not an ‘illness’ and so the diet is a new way of life that we have all adopted. It’s certainly not been easy at times and we have encountered many bumps in the road along the way. Some of these bumps have felt insurmountable, especially at first, but in my experience the bumps do get smaller and you encounter fewer as times goes on. They are also quicker and easier to recover from.

Whatever happens, continue to believe in yourself and in the approach you have taken for yourself and for your family. You will see the positive results you dream about if you give it time and stay focused.


The first tip, ‘To believe in yourself’, leads nicely on to the second one of ‘Perseverance’. Perseverance is all about remaining on the path you have chosen and staying true to what you are doing for the long term (and I’m talking months and years, not days and weeks!). Stay true and steady even when the going gets tough!

There have been many times I have wondered whether it’s all worth it, especially when food items are more difficult to get hold of and the cost is extortionately higher. However, I believe my approach has been the right one for us and the results have started to speak for themselves. The boys are so much better and the energy they now have is heart-warming to see.

Try not to worry, if you have had a bad day, think of it more as a way of life.  Find yourself back on the path again that’s right for you and your family and give it time for the situation to get back on track.

I know it’s easy for me to say all of these things as we are further along the journey but keep persevering, believe in yourself and stay positive. Improvement will happen in time and the journey towards happy little tummies will feel like an easier ride, I promise! x

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Little J and I on the front cover of Mums and Dads magazine

Little J and I on the front cover of Mums and Dads magazine



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